Breast Reconstruction Revision Surgery in Long Island & Huntington Station, NY

What is Breast Reconstruction Revision Surgery?

The goal of breast reconstruction is to correct defects that may have resulted from mastectomy or other treatment for breast cancer. In some cases, it becomes necessary to make further revisions to correct shape, scarring, or symmetry issues. This is referred to as breast reconstruction revision. Corrective surgery is customized to each patient's unique circumstances. In every situation, our objective is to achieve results that enable the patient to feel happy with the appearance of their breasts. Breast reconstruction revision surgery can be instrumental in the correction of capsular contracture, fat necrosis, implant failure, symmastia, flap failure, infection, rippling, rigid scar tissue, and more.

Do I Need Breast Reconstruction Revision Surgery?

Having breast reconstruction revision is as personal a decision as having breast reconstruction was. Some patients need corrective surgery to address infection or pain, problems that one does not want to leave unattended. Other reasons for breast reconstruction revision include complications such as hernia development in the abdominal area involved in previous flap surgery, capsular contracture around breast implants, rupture, or other problems. It is important to understand, though, that you can seek corrective surgery for whatever reason you are unhappy with the results of your initial reconstruction procedure. Dr. Rhee works with each patient individually to understand their concerns and the complication that may be causing them, and to develop the most appropriate treatment plan to restore comfort, shape, and satisfaction. We strongly believe that every person who undergoes breast cancer treatment and reconstruction deserves to feel completely happy with their appearance.

How Long Is the Recovery Time Following Surgery?

Breast reconstruction is tailored to each patient's situation. The process may involve one or more procedures to acheive the best aesthetic outcome. Because one case may look very different than another, it is difficult to discuss a recovery timeline before a face-to-face consultation has taken place. Generally, patients who undergo corrective surgery are advised to take it easy for several weeks before resuming their full load of normal activities. Light activities may begin as soon as a week or two after breast reconstruction revision in some cases, but this can vary. When you visit Dr. Rhee to discuss your reconstruction revision options, you can learn much more about what your detailed post-operative instructions would be if you move forward with the recommended treatment plan.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect to See?

Revision breast reconstruction is performed with the end result in mind; that end result being an aesthetically pleasing appearance that fosters confidence in the patient. It may take time for the final outcome of the corrective procedure to be fully apparent. However, patients usually appreciate the improvements that are noticeable soon after recovery. These may include vastly improved symmetry, two distinct breast mounds, softer looking and feeling breasts, or less visible scars.

Will My Insurance Cover Breast Reconstruction Revision Surgery?

In accordance with the 1998 Federal Women's Health and Cancer Rights Act, all procedures involved in breast reconstruction after cancer treatment must be covered by medical insurance. This includes breast reconstruction revision procedures. If patients have questions, they may contact their insurance provider directly or may contact our office for assistance.

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