3 Reasons to Get a Breast Lift

Mastopexy, or a breast lift, is a surgical procedure to restore fullness and contour to breasts that may have lost shape or volume over time. A woman’s breasts may sag, droop, or lose tissue due to age, genetics, pregnancy, or significant weight loss. However, a breast lift may restore a more youthful, elevated appearance to the breasts by removing sagging skin and strengthening the underlying tissues. If you think you might benefit from this procedure, here are three indicators to help your decision.

1. Your Breasts Have Lost Shape or Volume

A loss of shape or volume in the breasts can be due to changes that happen with age. Over time, the skin on your breasts can lose elasticity. As estrogen decreases, your breasts may also shrink. A breast lift can help to improve the shape of your breasts, which can make them appear fuller. However, for a significant increase in volume, a breast augmentation procedure may be needed.

2. Your Nipples or Areolas Are Pointing Downward 

In most cases, it is preferable to have a nipple that is positioned at or above the level of the breast fold. Breast ptosis (drooping breast tissue) is considered to be at its most severe when the nipple points downwards and descends below the level of the breast fold. If your nipple hangs below your breast fold, you may benefit from a breast lift.

3. One of Your Breasts Is Lower Than the Other

A breast lift may be the best solution to rectify an asymmetry in the breasts when one breast has lost more elasticity and seems to sag or droop more than the other. Furthermore, since additional volume may be the cause of drooping in one breast, the procedure may be done in combination with a breast reduction.

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