A Look Inside The Cutera LimeLight Facial™

The Cutera LimeLight Facial™ treats facial redness, brown spots, rosacea, tiny veins and dyschromia. The Limelight Facial is customized for each patient’s individual needs, using short, medium, or long wavelengths to target specific skin issues. The frequency of the laser is altered based on skin type and hair color in order to provide all patients with an effective, safe and relatively painless treatment. Limelight Facial treatments generally take less than one hour and can treat complexion problems in areas on the face and neck.

What Do LimeLight Facial Treatments Feel Like?

When the handheld device is first applied to skin, patients report feeling a cool sensation that is following by a pinching or stinging feeling. Most patients report than LimeLight Facials do not cause pain.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Depending on the desired results and the condition being treated, one or two initial treatments may be required for dramatic results. However, LimeLight Facial results are not necessarily permanent. Often patients repeat the procedure for maintenance purposes.

What Can I Expect After Treatment?

Immediately after treatment, skin may appear red and irritated. This often subsides in a few hours and is not often cause for concern. In the following days, results will improve and skin tone and complexion will appear more even.

Will Spots, Redness or other Impurities Reappear?

The spots that are removed through LimeLight Facial will never return. However, those with skin prone to spots, redness and impurities may develop new problem areas. New problems may also be effectively treated with LimeLight Facial.

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