Are Your Eyes Aging You Prematurely?

Aging Eyes Long IslandIt’s often been said that the eyes are “the windows to the soul.”  If that’s true, then our eyes do a lot more than just allow us to see – they say something about us.  Have you ever stopped and wondered, “What are my eyes saying about me?”  If you’re one of the millions of people living with crow’s feet and drooping eyelids, yours might not be saying the right thing.

When we’re young, the skin around our eyes is thick, full and plump.  As we age, however, this same skin can become thin and lose its elasticity.  When this happens, we can start to display some of the red flags of premature aging.  Want to know what other patients are concerned about?

Here are a few eye issues that can age you and a few ways cosmetic treatment can help:

  • Tired Eyes: One of the biggest concerns among older patients is eyelid sagging.  It can make us look tired and old, even when we don’t feel that way ourselves.  Thankfully, plastic surgery offers a solution:  Eyelid Lift Surgery.  Technically known as “blepharoplasty,” eyelid surgery aims to achieve a fresher, more alert appearance.  To do this, excess fat, skin and muscle from the upper and lower eyelids is removed.  One of the most popular procedures around, there were nearly 200,000 eyelid surgeries performed in 2011, indicates the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.
  • Crow’s Feet: Have you noticed facial wrinkles stemming from the corners of your eyes – especially when you smile or laugh?  Rest assured, it’s quite common.  Crow’s Feet are one of the most obvious signs of aging.  They can make us look old, and worse yet, they can make us feel old.  Thankfully, however, they’re often treatable.  One of the most popular ways to treat crow’s feet is with BOTOX® or Dysport®.  These injectables are essentially muscle relaxers that work to prevent creases from forming.  And, although not a permanent solution, the results of BOTOX or Dysport can often last up to several months.
  • Under-Eye Hollows: As we age, the area under our eyes can appear hollow and sunken.  As skin becomes thin and loses volume, many patients want to do something about it.  While in the past, surgery may have been the only option, many now choose to correct the issue with a soft tissue filler like Restylane®.  Restylane Injections are composed of hyaluronic acid, a naturally-occurring substance in the body.  The treatment can restore volume to the skin and achieve a more youthful face shape.  And, of course, fillers are also used to reduce the appearance of deep, persistent wrinkles.

Looking to Rejuvenate Your Eyes?

To learn more about these or any of the treatments we offer, we encourage you to contact us today.  Our Long Island Plastic Surgery Offices are located in Huntington Station, and you can schedule an appointment at (631) 424-6707.  Do something about it today!

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