Breast Augmentation After Pregnancy

The increase in hormones that occur with pregnancy can cause a number of changes to a woman’s breasts. After pregnancy and/or nursing, many women long to have their old appearance back. Unfortunately, the effects cannot be reversed with exercise or any herbal supplement, despite promises some suppliers make. Surgery, however, can be a successful solution. It allows women to return to their pre-pregnancy shape, or look even better than ever before.

To better understand how a breast augmentation can help you after pregnancy, we’ve outlined how pregnancy changes your breasts. We’ve also provided you with some essential facts on breast enhancement procedures to help you with your decision.

How the Breasts Change During and After Pregnancy

The changes in hormone levels that pregnancy causes, nursing, weight gain, and weight loss after pregnancy can all alter the shape and size of a woman’s breasts. It is common for women to experience the following:

  • drooping and sagging
  • decrease in size
  • deflated appearance
  • increase in size

The same women will not experience all of the above changes, but the presence of one of these characteristics is common. Plastic surgery can address these issues.

Breast Enhancement Procedures Post-Partum

In order to improve the look of their breasts following pregnancy, women can choose to have any of the following procedures completed:

  • Breast augmentation with implants – this procedure can help specifically with deflation and breasts that have decreased in size. Women can choose from round or teardrop shaped implants in materials like silicone or gel.  Implants can either be placed beneath the chest muscle, or under the breast tissue. A variety of different incision techniques can be used.
  • Breast lift – a breast lift can address sagging and drooping of the breasts by tightening and removing excess skin in the area to lift them. The breasts also achieve a more contoured look.
  • Breast reduction – women who are left with fuller breasts after pregnancy that find them uncomfortable may benefit from a breast reduction. This can improve aesthetics for women that would prefer to have smaller breasts, and reduce pain in the back and neck.

Making the Decision

When you’re ready to discuss the options  to help you improve your confidence along with your appearance, contact our office to setup a consultation with doctor Rhee.


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