Breast Reduction After Baby

The breasts can change drastically with pregnancy due to hormones and nursing (for women that choose to breastfeed). Some women find that their breasts are smaller, or deflated; others experience an increase in their breast size. Women that are nursing may find that their breasts return to a more ‘normal’ shape and size a few months later – but that is not the case with all women. It is a misconception that all women desire larger breasts. Women that have a small frame particularly find that large breasts are overwhelming and cause neck and back pain, or that it simply becomes hard to find clothes that fit. As a result, there are women who want a breast reduction after they have given birth.

Facts and Information on Post-Natal Breast Reductions

If you are considering a breast reduction after having a baby, there are a few things to consider:

  • Most surgeons will not perform the operation until you have stopped nursing and producing milk for at least 3-6 months. This is because hormones must stabilize and your breasts must be allowed to recover from the physical changes that they have been experiencing. Women that are not nursing may also need to wait the same amount of time to heal from pregnancy and allow the breast tissues to shrink back to a normal size.
  • It is often recommended that you allow yourself time to lose weight first to determine what the ‘stable’ breast size will be. Women discontent with the size may find that once they have lost some or all of their baby weight, their breast size becomes smaller. As a result, women with significant baby weight left to lose may be encouraged to wait.
  • Women that intend to have more children in the near future may also find that it is better to wait until they are not planning to have any more.  This is not necessarily due to safety – it is because the breasts may change further in size and shape and that may leave women dissatisfied with the procedure that they already had. A breast reduction is still a surgical procedure, and the fewer surgeries necessary, the fewer risks that may exist.
  • It is also important to be prepared for recovery. If you have a new baby at home, you may need help to care for the child in order to ensure that are able to heal properly. This does also mean that some of the physical bonding may be inhibited, and it is something that women should be emotionally prepared for before deciding to have the breast reduction.

Reducing Your Breasts After Pregnancy

If you meet the above criteria, you could be a candidate for a breast reduction. Booking a consultation with Dr. Rhee will help you determine whether you are ready for the procedure and the appropriate size for your breasts.

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