Can laser scar treatment effectively reduce the appearance of acne, surgical, or trauma scars?

scar revisionPatients who are self-conscious about the appearance of scarring on their skin may be unsure about the options that are available to them. Scars from past trauma, surgeries, or even acne can leave behind unsightly marks on the skin, and may be difficult to disguise with clothing or makeup. When patients of the Huntington Station, NY area are struggling with these concerns, they can work with our board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Charlotte Ann Rhee, to learn more about the benefits of laser therapies to reduce or even eliminate scarring on the skin. 

How can laser treatments address scarring? 

Scarring occurs when there has been trauma to the skin, either a cut or even an acne blemish. This can not only create a mark on the skin, but might also result in divots, such as ice pick acne scars. Fortunately, with the help of a professional and technologically-advanced treatments such as laser therapies, patients can fade away these scars quickly and effectively. 

Who is a candidate for laser scar treatment? 

During a consultation appointment with Dr. Charlotte Ann Rhee, Huntington Station, NY area patients can undergo an initial evaluation with a specialist who has years of experience in addressing common skin concerns such as scarring. Evaluating a patient’s scar and speaking to them about their options is just part of the process. When patients decide to move forward with laser treatments for the skin, they can schedule their first treatment session right away! 

How does laser light work? 

With laser light that penetrates into the skin, it can remodel the collagen and elastin and help heal the skin from deep within. Treatments are done right in the office under the care of a professional, ensuring that it is both safe and effective. 

Are you ready to target unwanted scarring on the skin? 

Connect with Dr. Charlotte Ann Rhee and her team today to discuss the benefits of laser scar removal. Her practice, located at 257 East Jericho Turnpike, accepts new patients who call (631) 424-6707. Our facility is equipped with the most advanced solutions and is managed by our board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon.

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