Common questions about the mini tummy tuck

Young caucasian woman with slim body shape is indoors at daytime.Patients who want to contour their midsection where excess fat may remain will often be interested in talking with a plastic surgeon about elective procedures that can help. For some patients in the Huntington Station, NY, area, a treatment known as the mini tummy tuck might be just the solution for those with mild to moderate fat accumulation in the abdominal area.

What is the mini tummy tuck?

Dr. Charlotte Ann Rhee, a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon in New York, defines a mini tummy tuck as a surgery to remove the excess skin and fat from the lower abdomen. It occurs with a smaller incision than that used in a full abdominoplasty. This procedure is sometimes called a partial abdominoplasty and leaves behind a much smaller scar.

This type of cosmetic surgery is usually less invasive and requires less recovery time than a full tummy tuck, which is why it is often chosen by people who have more modest amounts of excess skin and fat in the abdominal area.

Is the mini tummy tuck procedure safe?

As with any variety of surgical procedure, there are always risks involved. However, mini tummy tucks are generally considered to be safe procedures with a low risk of complications.

What is the recovery time expected for a mini tummy tuck?

Recovery times will vary from person to person, but you can typically expect to take it easy for at least a week or two after your surgery. You may have some residual swelling and bruising, but this should subside within a few weeks.

Is a mini tummy tuck right for my body?

Candidacy for a mini tummy tuck starts with a consultation visit, during which our team will provide a thorough evaluation of the patient and speak to them about their unique needs and body contouring goals.

How much does a mini tummy tuck typically cost?

The cost of a mini tummy tuck will vary from patient to patient, so getting an initial evaluation with Dr. Charlotte Ann Rhee and her team is the first step in finding out if treatment is affordable on your budget. Call 631-424-6707 to request an appointment at her Huntington Station, NY, office to find out if you are a proper candidate with our board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon.

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