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There are many reasons why a patient may request earlobe repair surgery. Sometimes patients experience the result of split earlobes due to trauma often caused by earrings. Earrings that are heavy may also make holes much larger than they used to be, pulling over time. In some situations, patients may want to repair their ear after the removal of large earrings and pierces which can leave behind very large holes. Whatever the reason, Dr. Charlotte Ann Rhee of the Huntington Station, NY area is pleased to provide earlobe repair surgery.

Earlobe repair surgery

To correct a split or enlarged earlobe, it may be required for patients to undergo surgery. A plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Charlotte Ann Rhee, can assist patients in the community who are interested in treatment.

The surgery starts with the area being cleaned with antiseptic. Then, local anesthetic is injected into the earlobe and the surrounding area to ensure comfort during the procedure. The surgery itself involves the stitching of the ear back together to eliminate the remaining hole or the split earlobe. In some cases, skin may be removed to reshape the ear for cosmetic purposes.  Sutures are used to help repair the area. In some cases, the sutures used are absorbable and will dissolve on their own, while other times, patients may need to visit the practice for suture removal. For most patients, the procedure is fast and easy, and they can return home following treatment.

How do I prepare for earlobe repair surgery?

It is best for patients to start with a consultation visit. This is a good time to ask questions about the procedure so patients know what to expect. Additionally, patients take this time to discuss with their doctor their medical history, especially if they have a history of developing large scars or keloids. Patients can learn more about the procedure and determine if they are an appropriate candidate.

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Men and women interested in procedures such as earlobe repair surgery are welcome to book a consultation visit with our board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgery professional. The practice is located at 257 E Jericho Turnpike and can be reached at (631) 424-6707.

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