Enjoy dramatic improvements in the appearance of the buttocks with the Brazilian butt lift

snorkling SmallDr. Charlotte Ann Rhee of Huntington Station, NY has been recognized for her ability to provide a wide range of plastic surgery procedures for the body. In fact, she is a board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon in her community. In addition to breast augmentation and tummy tucks, she also offers solutions for the thighs and buttocks such as the Brazilian butt lift. 

What is a “Brazilian butt lift?” 

Dr. Charlotte Ann Rhee describes the Brazilian butt lift, sometimes shortened down to the acronym “BBL,” as a procedure that is performed to remove unwanted fat from one area of the body and grafting it into the buttocks and thigh area to achieve a firmer, rounder, and more noticeable buttocks. The Brazilian butt lift process has been used for years in helping women improve their body contours without more invasive procedures such as buttocks implants or tummy tucks. 

Why choose the Brazilian butt lift? 

There are various reasons why a woman might opt for the BBL treatment. This specific process is best for patients who want to add volume to the buttocks while reducing fat deposits on other areas of the body such as the flanks or abdomen. It is a relatively minimally invasive treatment that also eliminates the rejection of the fat as it is harvested from the patient’s body during the same procedure. 

How long will the results of a BBL last? 

Patients who maintain their weight and continue to live a healthy lifestyle with improved diet and increased exercise will often find that they can improve their appearance with the Brazilian butt lift for many, many years. This is because the fat will remain in the area unless removed with liposuction or other surgical interventions. 

Are you thinking about the benefits of the Brazilian butt lift? 

Now is a great time to connect with Dr. Charlotte Ann Rhee of Huntington Station, NY to find out if you are a candidate. Call the office at (631) 424-6707 to request a consultation appointment and initial assessment. During this time, patient can find out if they are a viable candidate and can enjoy the improvement of the body contours achieved with this and other plastic surgery solutions available at her practice.        

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