How Can I Have Better-Looking Skin?

Skin care, Huntington Station, NYDepending on where you are in your life, you likely have different concerns with your skin. If you’re in your twenties, you may be investing more in eye creams and how to prevent signs of premature aging. If you’re in your thirties, you may be exploring treatment options to help fight fine lines and wrinkles, as well as dark spots. After that, depending on how well you’ve taken care of your skin (and other factors like your genetics), you may be starting to seriously put aside money for treatments that help your skin look more youthful.

No matter where you are in life, finding ways to feel and look your best are important. And beautiful skin will always be in style, and feeling great in your skin is key. Keep reading to learn about some of our favorite ways to keep your skin looking young, beautiful and natural-looking.

Skip Dairy

More studies and stories are coming out that link dairy to unhappy skin, especially acne. If you find yourself with stubborn acne, it could be your morning cereal or the creamer in your coffee exacerbating the trouble. Dairy can cause inflammation of the skin, especially as we age and lose the enzymes that allow us to break it down. Sick of acne? Replace the dairy in your life with alternatives and see if your skin changes.

Sleep Well

When we sleep, the cells in our bodies repair themselves. If you’re not sleeping well or getting enough sleep, then your body isn’t able to repair and recover from the rigors it experiences during the day. Take some time to examine your sleep habits and set some goals. Make sure the room you sleep in is inviting, dark, and cool. Leave your phone outside, charging in another part of the house so you aren’t tempted to stay up late scrolling or checking on work matters. A sound machine might help make your room more inviting for sleep, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

LimeLight Facial

If your skin is past the point of needing a little more water, more sleep, and a little less sun, consider one of our beautifying treatments. The IPL LimeLight facial is a favorite of ours, since it rejuvenates the skin and helps remove signs of sun damage.

If you want to learn more about what we can do to help you look more beautiful, give us a call at (631) 424-6707 today.

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