How Lip Augmentation Can Get You Feeling on Top of the World

lip augmentationDo you feel like your lips are too small? Or maybe you are running into issues with the symmetry of your lips. If so, lip augmentation could be exactly what you need to get the lips that you’ve always wanted. Lip augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that aims to plump up the lips by adding volume to them. Many women are taking advantage of lip augmentations to help them achieve their desired look in little downtime.

What Can Lip Augmentation Help Fix? 

  • Cupid’s bow: This is the middle area on your upper lip. It is widely believed that this is the focal center of your lips. With lip augmentation, you can add definition to this area to give your lips a more contoured look
  • Center fullness: The general look that people want with their lips is full throughout the center, with tapered-off edges. This can be hard to achieve naturally. Lip augmentation allows you to achieve this
  • Profile projection: When looking at your profile. Ideally, your upper lip will protrude slightly over your lower lip. Lip augmentation offers treatment that is personalized to your lips. Giving you the best results
  • Side-to-side symmetry: Symmetrical lips are universally more appealing. Lip augmentation focuses on ensuring that your lips are symmetrical and full. Giving you a more appealing overall look

Get the Lips of Your Dreams With Dr. Charlotte Rhee 

If you are unhappy with how your lips look, there are options to help you get the lips of your dreams. With lip augmentation, you can achieve full, plump, symmetrical lips in no time. With little recovery time, it makes it an extremely easy and time-efficient way to get the look that you want. If you are interested in getting lip augmentation, Dr. Charlotte Ann Rhee in Huntington Station, NY is the perfect doctor for you. She is a Board-Certified Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon with extensive experience. Contact us at 631-424-6707 or visit us online at to schedule your consultation.

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