How Long Does Botox Last?

If you choose Botox to help improve your appearance, you should know that you are committing yourself to a regular regimen as the effects of Botox do not last forever. Aligning your expectations based on facts is important with any plastic surgery procedure as it ensures that you will always be satisfied. For the best effects, you do need to have Botox on a regular basis. Of course, if you maintain the recommended regimen, you will benefit greatly from this popular injetctable.

Knowing approximately how long Botox will last will help you determine an appropriate regimen.

Your Botox Regimen

On average, Botox lasts four to six months. This means that it no longer has a direct impact on the muscles.

However, the Botox ‘wearing off’ does not necessarily mean that the full effects wear off. It is believed that the Botox causes the muscles to remember the relaxed state even once the Botox is not longer in effect. This means that wrinkles may not come back and appear as severe as they were prior to Botox – over time, the frequency that Botox injections are required may be reduced.

Begin Your Botox Regimen

The only way to appropriately determine how often you may need Botox is to give it a try and establish your own regimen! We hope that this information will help you understand how you will get the best results when choosing this injectable.

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