Is Nursing Possible After a Breast Augmentation?

There are many women that choose to enhance the appearance of their bodies before they have children. However, they do need to make these decisions carefully as the choices can impact how they will be able to care for these children in the future.

Women considering a breast augmentation should think about whether or not they hope to breastfeed. A breast augmentation does not necessarily make this impossible, but it can have a bearing.

How a Breast Augmentation May Influence Breastfeeding

The primary issue that women face when trying to nurse after they have had an augmentation is sensitivity. When an augmentation is done by cutting around the areola, the nerves may be more sensitive. This can make it particularly hard for new mothers to learn how to feed when they are experiencing pain.

Some women may also find that their breasts become more engorged when their milk comes in after giving birth which can also lead to some breast feeding complications.

The majority of women will not experience an issue with sensitivity. This is because most plastic surgeons do not make the incision around the nipple. Instead, they cut under the fold of the breasts or in the armpit area.

Discuss Breast Augmentation Surgery and Nursing

If you are considering breast implants and have not yet had children, we can help ensure you make the right surgical decision. Contact us to arrange a consultation.

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