Is Your Face Aging You or Turning Back the Clock?

“Is your face older than you are?”  That’s the question a recent article in Redbook asked its readers.  So, what do they mean by that?  Simply put, aging is an inevitable part of life.  There are, however, certain facial issues that may be aging you prematurely.  And, as Redbook points out, a few things that may turn back the clock.

Borrowing from Redbook , here are a few things that may make your face look older and younger than it really is:

  • Large Pores: Large pores can make you look older, says Redbook.  How much older?  As much as 3 years suggests the article.   Whether a result of hormonal changes, sun damage, acne or some other factor,  large pores can often be dealt with effectively. One common treatment is Microdermabrasion.  Microdermabrasion — also known as microderm — uses a stream of fine particles to exfoliate the skin.  And, as Redbook explains, this may help  “remove the top layer of skin, eliminating the widest part of the pore and making the opening seem smaller.”
  • Full Lips: When we see someone with full lips, we automatically associate them with health and beauty.  But, according to Redbook, full lips could also make you look younger — as much as 5 years younger.  Thankfully, for many women, there’s  Lip Augmentation.  We can now enhance the lips both surgically and non-surgically, either with an implant or using a soft tissue filler like Restylane®.  And, as its website reminds us, “Restylane is the first and only FDA-approved dermal filler for lip enhancement in patients over 21 years.”
  • Lush Eyelashes: Believe it or not, lush eyelashes may make you look a full three years younger, says Redbook.  Many women, however, find that they have inadequate or not enough eyelashes.  While there wasn’t much that could be done in years past, many women now have the option of choosing Latisse®.  For many, Latisse can help grow thicker, fuller and darker eyelashes.  This treatment works because of its active ingredient, bimatoprost.  The exact mechanism is unknown, but bimatoprost is thought to affect eyelashes in their growth phase.

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