Is Your Skin Ready for Fall?

Sad as it is, summer is officially drawing to a close.  Soon, the leaves will change color, the temperature will drop and our days will start getting shorter.  A season all about new beginnings, ask yourself this:  Isn’t it time to give your skin a fresh new start?  This is especially important this time of year, when cold weather and dry winds can wreak havoc on our skin!  To combat this, online beauty resource, Real Beauty, offers a few tips for getting skin ready for fall!

Borrowing from Real Beauty, here are 5 Tips on Getting Your Skin “Fall Ready,” along with a few of our thoughts on the matter:

  1. “Take it easy.” Summer sun and surf can leave our skin damaged, dry and flaky – make sure you’re doing something about it!  “Before the mercury drops anymore, start treating yourself to a weekly, hydrating facial,” recommends Real Beauty.  This is also a great way to prep for the cold, dry weather that will soon be upon us.
  2. “Don’t scrimp on sunscreen.” Just because you’re not on the beach any more doesn’t mean you can forget about sun protection.  Make sure you’re still using a quality sunscreen daily – 30 SPF at the minimum.  It’s your best line of defense against sun damage and premature facial wrinkles.
  3. “Exfoliate.” “Want to hold on to those last remnants of your summer tan?” asks Real Beauty.  “Think again.”  Don’t wait until your pores are clogged – make sure you’re exfoliating regularly.  And, if you’re looking for an extra boost, think about coming in for a microderm session.  This procedure uses a stream of fine particles to remove damaged skin and achieve a fresher, more youthful appearance.
  4. “Tend to your body.” Your face is important, but don’t neglect your body! “For a 360-degree approach to fall skin prep,” suggests Real Beauty, “opt for cream-based lip balms and slather up daily with body lotions enriched with hydrating ingredients like glycerin and Vitamin E.”
  5. “Attack acne.” “Seasonal shifts trigger stress symptoms in the body, leading to (gasp) even more breakouts than usual,” reports Real Beauty.  And, if acne scars are your biggest concern, schedule a consultation and find out what you can do about it!

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