Preparing for a Breast Reduction

If you are considering a breast reduction surgery, there are a number of things that you can do to prepare yourself both to make the decision to proceed, and to have the procedure itself. This procedure is available to all women. However, it is often sought by women whose breasts have grown in size due to pregnancy or nursing.

Provided you look at all of the facts and inform yourself thoroughly, you may find that a breast reduction is one of the most positive decisions you make for your personal well-being.

Preparing for a Breast Reduction

When considering or going in for a breast reduction, you can expect to do the following:

  • Go in for a consultation – when considering a breast augmentation, women should go for a consultation first and foremost. At that stage, you can discuss the reasons why you want a breast reduction and a plastic surgeon can explain your options.
  • Understand the costs – you may not realize it, but a breast reduction is often covered by insurance. In order to be covered, it must be completed for the purpose of alleviating neck or back pain that results from having large breasts.  Typically, a certain volume of breast tissue must be removed in order for a surgery to be qualified, but this is information that a plastic surgeon’s office can help you look into with your insurance company.
  • Have a mammogram – it is typically suggested that you have a mammogram scheduled before you have a breast reduction to ensure there is no abnormal breast tissue or other issues present. Since the size and shape of the breasts change with a reduction, many surgeons also recommend having one 6 months after as a precaution.

After you have done all of the above, you may be ready to have a breast reduction.

Scheduling Your Breast Reduction

If you are prepared to have your breast reduction done, contact us today to setup a consultation and begin the process.

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