Reality Plastic Surgery Shows May Have a Negative Impact on Patients

Before considering cosmetic plastic surgery, many patients conduct their own research for the procedures they are interested in. However, sometimes patients choose unreliable or unrealistic sources for their research. For example, patients may watch reality plastic surgery TV shows to gain more familiarity with the procedures they are considering. A study released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) found that potential patients that watched reality plastic surgery TV shows had a poorer self-image and unrealistic expectations for what cosmetic plastic surgeries, like breast augmentation could do for them.

The study evaluated patients that watched shows like Extreme Makeover, The Swan, I Want a Famous Face, Plastic Surgery: Before and After, Dr. 90210 and Miami Slice at different intensity levels. Those who watched the shows at a higher frequency were found to be influenced more strongly than those who were infrequent viewers of the shows. Those impacted the greatest by the reality shows reported more negative body images and felt that they were more knowledgeable about plastic surgery.

Why are Reality Plastic Surgery TV Shows Bad for Patient-Surgeon Communication?

The study suggested that because viewers felt that they were more informed about plastic surgery, when it came to consulting with a board-certified plastic surgeon about breast augmentation or other cosmetic procedures they had already determined the results that they wanted to achieve. Patients were more insistent about surgical goals and were less open-minded to their surgeon’s suggestions and expertise as to what would be the safest and most appropriate procedure for them.

The study also suggested that patients who watched reality plastic surgery shows had unrealistic expectations about the surgical process, including consultation, surgery and recovery.

Misconceptions of Reality Plastic Surgery TV Shows

Viewers in the study felt that reality plastic surgery TV shows depicted actual realistic events. Although reality TV shows may depict actual events, it is important to remember that they are still TV shows and a significant amount of editing is involved to frame the shows in an entertaining way. According to the study, using reality plastic surgery shows to gain information about cosmetic procedures can have a negative outcome for patients both emotionally and physically.

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