Reasons Why Someone Would Get Breast Implant Removal

Breast implant removalBreast implants are a popular part of breast augmentation and have been a mainstream cosmetic procedure for decades. Breast implants are often used for cosmetic reasons to make a woman feel more confident and comfortable with their body. They are also used after procedures like mastectomies. However, there are times when someone may wish to have their breasts removed. Let’s explore the different reasons someone may choose to have breast implant removal.

Reasons For Breast Implant Removal

Change of Aesthetic Goals

Breast implants are often done for cosmetic reasons. This is to improve the figure, confidence, how certain clothing fits, and much more. However, what we feel suits us and is a proper expression of our bodies can change over time. If this happens, a woman may feel breast implants are no longer right for her and would seek removal. This is totally natural, and a woman who has breast implants may later decide it’s simply not right for them.

Back Pain

Large breasts are known to cause back pain because of their strain on back muscles. For some women, their back pain can be severe enough that they have a breast reduction done. Breast implants normally increase the size and weight of the breasts in some way. It is possible that some women unintentionally chose implants that were too large and caused discomfort to their backs.

Implant Age or Rupture

Implants are manufactured products that have a shelf life. Everything eventually breaks down and doesn’t function properly. Implants can last up to 20 years or longer but often need to be replaced by that time. Some implants can even rupture due to things like an injury. This is a prime reason why someone would have an implant removed.

Seeking Implant Removal

No matter what your reasoning is, you deserve to feel comfortable and have your implant removed if you see fit. That’s why Dr. Charlotte Ann Rhee provides breast implant removal services to help you reach your body goals. Dr. Rhee understands that ruptures happen, minds change, and situations come up. That’s why she methodically develops a plan to remove your breast implant as comfortably and quickly as possible. If you’re considering breast implant removal, then contact Dr. Rhee’s office at 631-424-6707 today.

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