Recovering from a Breast Augmentation: Post-Operative Bras

What many women do not realize is that after a breast augmentation, the type of bra that is selected can have a bearing on their recovery. This is particularly true if you have chosen to have your breasts enlarged, rather than lifted or reduced. To help you find the right bra to wear post-op, we have provided you with some tips below.

Choosing a Bra to Wear After a Breast Augmentation

Sufficient support after your surgery is essential. The right bra will help reduce any strain that could beapplied to healing incisions and will ensure that the breasts retain the desired shape. When shopping for a bra, follow these guidelines:

  • Find a bra that offers full support and coverage – bra cups that are designed to cover the whole breast will provide a greater level of support. They will also limit any shifting or chafing from the garment’s edges that may occur.
  • Avoid under-wires – most surgeons recommend that you avoid an under-wire bra for a period of time during recovery.  If you find a bra you like that comes with an under-wire, it can always be removed until your doctor tells you it’s safe to use.
  • Do not select a push-up bra – you may be tempted to show off your new assets in an outfit that requires a push-up bra, but avoid this until you are recovered. A push-up bra forces the breasts upwards in an unnatural way, and this could lead to healing complications (including malformations).

Learn More About the Breast Augmentation Procedure

Remember, you can always have your surgeon take a look at the bra that you choose prior to your surgery – in fact, it is often recommended. If you would like to discuss your candidacy for a breast augmentation and/or want to learn more about the recovery process, you can contact us today.

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