Surgical Procedures Available for Repairing Large Holes Caused by Heavy Earrings

Earlobe Repair Surgery Huntington, NYFor men and women who are experiencing elongated, torn, or extremely large holes caused by earrings and piercings, there is hope for repair! Dr. Charlotte Ann Rhee is a plastic surgeon in the community of Huntington Station, NY who is pleased to offer a solution known as earlobe repair.

What is the purpose of earlobe repair surgery?

Patients with extensive damage to their earlobes may be seeking a method of treatment that can reduce or eliminate the hole left behind from piercings. When performed by an experienced and professional plastic surgeon, many patients can repair their earlobes with a minor surgical procedure. Patients can repair their earlobes, and even do so in a way that will allow them to get new piercings at a later time, well after the area has healed.

What can I expect from earlobe repair?

Dr. Charlotte Ann Rhee will first visit with a patient during their initial consultation appointment to learn more about what they would like to achieve with their procedure. This is a great time to determine if a patient is a proper candidate for earlobe repair surgery. Patients can speak with the doctor about their specific concerns and learn about the procedure itself. In most cases, earlobe repair surgery takes approximately one hour and is performed with the patient under general anesthesia.

How to prevent damage to the earlobes

In many cases, the damage caused by earrings and other piercings can be avoided with proper earlobe care. It is cheaper and less invasive to prevent large holes than it is to have them repaired later on. Patients should avoid wearing heavy or larger earrings as these can be a strain on the earlobes, pulling them downward and resulting in extensive damage. Additionally, patients can visit their local pharmacy and ask for earlobe patches. These patches are used on the back of the earlobes to help support the skin and the earrings to reduce the risk of enlarged holes.

Interested in learning more about earlobe repair?

Contact Dr. Charlotte Ann Rhee of Huntington Station, NY today to schedule your evaluation and consultation. The practice is located at 257 E. Jericho Turnpike and can be reached by calling (631) 424-6707.

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