Understanding Your Breast Reconstruction Options

As plastic surgeons, our role isn’t strictly limited to cosmetic surgery.  Rather, we also serve as reconstructive surgeons, helping men and women dealing with a bodily disfigurement or abnormality.  These abnormalities may be acquired at birth, the result of certain illnesses or for the purposes of this article, as a result of a mastectomy procedure.

Women faced with breast cancer will often require a breast-removal surgery known as a mastectomy.  While this is often a life-saving move, most women are distressed with their appearance following the procedure.  Often, patients will opt for a procedure known as Breast Reconstruction.  And, the goal is simple:  to construct a natural-looking breast.  There are several ways we can accomplish this, but most commonly, we rely on breast implants.

Implant-based breast reconstruction is very similar to a Breast Augmentation Procedure, with the use of a silicone or saline implant to replace breast tissue. However, a breast implant requires coverage with the patient’s breast skin, much of which may have been removed during the mastectomy. If additional skin coverage is required, it can be “created” by using an expander to stretch the remaining skin and muscle before being replaced by a permanent implant. In some cases, skin will be taken from the patient’s back and transferred to the breast area.

And, while a cancer diagnosis is likely one of the most distressing times in a woman’s life, it’s important to know that we, as reconstructive surgeons, are not only committed to helping women feel better, but feel better about themselves.

Keeping Informed

Do you know your breast reconstruction options?  Not everyone does – in fact, the majority doesn’t!  “Research shows that 7 out of 10 women are not aware of their breast reconstruction options following mastectomy,” explains the Breast Cancer Awareness Day website, “and that less than 1/5 of women who undergo the procedure go on to have reconstruction.”

Not sure where to start?  Schedule a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon.

Breast Reconstruction on Long Island

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