Vertical Breast Reduction: Frequently Asked Questions

Breast reduction surgery is a popular choice for women who suffer physical and emotional discomfort due to overly large breasts. Though this type of procedure has been used to for many years, new advances and techniques give patients even more choice when it comes to breast reduction. Vertical incision breast reduction, also known as LeJour breast reduction or the “lollipop procedure” is a popular alternative to traditional breast reduction surgery that comes with a number of advantages. Read on to find out if this technique might be right for you.

How is a vertical breast reduction different than a traditional breast reduction?

Vertical incision breast reduction differs from the traditional method in the way it is performed. This procedure works best for women who do not require extensive tissue removal. The incisions in this technique extend around the areola and vertically down to the breast crease. This creates a pattern that resembles a lollipop, hence the nickname for this procedure. A traditional breast reduction requires an incision across the breast crease.

What are the advantages of lollipop breast reduction?

When LeJour breast reduction is appropriate for a patient, it offers several benefits and advantages compared to traditional techniques. The LeJour method typically results in shapelier breasts, and since there are less incisions involved, scarring is significantly reduced. Since the incisions are made directly on the breast, scars that are typically visible under a bra or swimsuit top are eliminated. In addition, this technique avoids the pain sometimes associated with an incision below the breast crease, where the band of a bra might touch.

Am I a good candidate?

The best candidates for vertical reductions are women with moderately large breasts who do not require extensive breast tissue or fat removal to achieve their desired result. Your surgeon will determine which method is best for each patient during the pre-surgical consultation.

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