What Are Your Bad Skin Habits?

Truth be told, none of us are perfect.  We’re all guilty of a bad habit or two – procrastinating, nail biting, cracking your knuckles.  Most of us, however, also have a few bad habits that are more than just “skin deep.”  Ask yourself this: Am I guilty of a few bad skin habits as well?  Allure magazine brought up the topic in a recent article entitled, “17 Bad Skin Habits.” It features some of the top “skin sins to leave behind.”

Borrowing from that list, here are a few bad habits you should be thinking about and what they may mean for your appearance:

  • “Skipping broad-spectrum sunscreen.” A good sunscreen doesn’t just defend your skin against cancer, it can also protect you from premature aging.  Harmful UV radiation from the sun – and indoor tanning – can change your skin in a few ways you might not like.  These include skin discoloration and wrinkles.

    What you can do about it: Already seeing some signs of sun damage?  There are several treatments available.  When it comes to wrinkles, one of the best solutions is BOTOX®.  Essentially a muscle relaxer, this injectable works to reduce the appearance of crow’s feet, frown lines and more.  If skin discoloration is your main concern, we can often address this with a procedure like Microdermabrasion.

  • “Drinking too much.” While one or two drinks probably won’t hurt you, going overboard could take a toll on your appearance.  According to Allure, “Alcohol increases the level [of] inflammatory agents in the bloodstream.”  What could that mean for you?  Facial sagging

    What you can do about it: Facial sagging – especially in older patients – is one of the most common skin complaints around.  Thankfully, cosmetic surgery offers a few solutions.  One of the most effective is often a Facelift.  During a facelift procedure, underlying facial muscles are tightened and the skin is redraped around the neck and face.  As one of the most effective and time-tested procedures around, for many patients a facelift means the difference between night and day.

  • “Smoking.” We all know smoking isn’t good for us, but did you know it can also take a toll on your skin?  Smoking damages your skin’s collagen.  This is a protein that keeps it springy and youthful. When this happens, patients can begin to see deep persistent facial creases.  Yet another reason to kick the habit!

    What you can do about it: Even with deep, persistent creases, there are still treatments available.  Often in this case, patients will choose a soft tissue filler like Restylane®.  Unlike BOTOX, fillers work by adding volume to the face literally “filling in” the valleys of creases.  Although a simple, minimally-invasive procedure, the results can often be dramatic.

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