What Can Ear Surgery Do for Me?

When folks hear the term, “plastic surgery,” they’ll often think only of the “big” procedures like breast augmentation or BOTOX® injections.  Many are surprised that modern cosmetic medicine offers powerful solutions for nearly any cosmetic issue a patient may be facing.  And, one of the most popular continues to be otoplasty.  Not sure what this cutting-edge procedure is all about?  Here’s a brief introduction.

Also known as “ear pinning,” an otoplasty procedure aims at correcting the appearance of large or protruding ears by setting ears closer to the head and reducing their size.  Patients suffering from a lop ear, cupped ear or shell ear may also benefit from the procedure.  And, while the procedure is strictly cosmetic, it can have a tremendous impact on a patient’s self-esteem and confidence.

So, what does the procedure entail?  Otoplasty procedures begin with a small incision behind the ear, ideally in the natural crease where the ear meets the head. Cartilage is then precisely sculpted and set into its new position.  Sutures are then used to hold the ear in its proper position until the patient is completely healed.

Otoplasty Carries Tremendous Patient Satisfaction

So, just how many patients choose cosmetic ear surgery each year?  According to the latest data from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, there were over 26,000 otoplasty procedures performed in 2011, alone.  But of course, what’s even more important is how satisfied patients were following the procedure.

Plastic surgery community site, RealSelf®, tracks this data and assigns it a “Worth It” value based on community feedback.  And, according to the latest figures, otoplasty earned a remarkable 91% Worth It rating.  That means that all things considered, more than 9 in 10 patients described the procedure as worth it for them.

Ear Surgery on Long Island

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