What is Latisse®?

For patients suffering from hypotrichosis, a condition that leaves patients with inadequate or not enough eyelashes, Latisse® offers a treatment option. This FDA-approved product that can work to grow fuller, darker eyelashes, and is also recommended for patients looking to enhance their eyelashes, regardless of whether they have concerns over hypotrichosis or not. Let’s take a look at some of the top patient questions about Latisse.

  • How does Latisse compare to similar options? Latisse is the only eyelash-enhancing product on the market that both requires a prescription and is FDA-approved. While there are other eyelash-enhancing cosmetics available, Latisse is proven to work in many patients while regular cosmetics or over-the-counter products are not.
  • Do I need Latisse? Eyelashes thin over time. Latisse is the only FDA-approved prescription that can enhance them, making lashes fuller and longer over a 16-week period of time. If you’ve noticed a decrease in the fullness or length of your eyelashes, Latisse might be the answer.
  • Will Latisse make my eyelashes longer? Within four weeks, a patient should see significant increases in length, color and thickness of their eyelashes. Typically, patients see the full impact of Latisse in about 16 weeks after starting this treatment. Upon completion of using Latisse, a patient’s lashes should typically be much darker and longer than they were before they started.
  • What are the side effects of Latisse? Common side effects include minor itchiness and redness around the affected areas of the eye. It is advised that patients avoid placing Latisse on the lower lid of the eye, as hair growth will be stimulated and may cause complications.Eyelid skin darkening has also been reported in patients, however this is a significantly less common side effect of using Latisse. This darkening occurs due to an increase in melanin in the skin and typically reverses itself just weeks after halting use of Latisse.

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