What is the lollipop scar breast reduction?

Women uncomfortable in their own skin due to large, sagging breasts may find themselves wearing large clothing to disguise their chest. They may also feel incredibly self-conscious when wearing more revealing clothing, such as low-cut neckline tops and swimsuits, because they often feel as though they are drawing the wrong type of attention. With Dr. Charlotte Ann Rhee, women of Huntington Station, New York can learn about breast reduction options, including breast reduction with the “lollipop scar.”

Purpose of breast reduction

Many women choose to have breast reduction done for either cosmetic and/or medical reasons. A larger chest can make women feel as though their breasts are attracting attention they do not want to receive, and can also make it difficult for them to find clothes that fit properly.  Additionally, many women with large breasts experience medical problems such as back and neck pain, poor posture, and skin irritation that may occur underneath the breasts in the folds. Women might have difficulty participating in certain activities such as running or dancing because of their breast size. This is when a plastic surgeon might recommend breast reduction.

Lollipop scarring

The lollipop scar breast reduction procedure is a popular methodology for many women. The lollipop scar is also referred to as a vertical incision breast reduction or “short-scar” technique. It involves incisions that are made around the areola and then down to the breast creases to form a lollipop shape. This is a popular technique used for women with moderately large breasts. It can create a shapelier contour to the breast while reducing scarring as less tissue removal is needed.

What other methods of breast reduction are available?

Traditional breast reduction surgery uses an incision that is more apparent with scars left behind, but is the best option for women with extremely large breasts. In some instances, women may be a good candidate for scarless breast reduction through the use of liposuction techniques.

Learn more about the lollipop scar option for breast reduction

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