What To Expect From Laser Hair Removal

For people with excessive hair growth, having to shave often can seriously inhibit their daily routines. Even people with normal hair growth know that at-home hair removal methods can be costly – both in time and money. Plus, some people find that effective hair removal can be painful if they nick themselves with a razor or wind up with razor burn.

Spare yourself the hassle. Consider laser hair removal.

A Look At Professional Laser Hair Removal

  • A long-term solution: A semi-permanent treatment, laser hair removal uses light to destroy hair follicles. As a result, hair stops growing from the laser treated follicles permanently. In some cases, though, hair follicles are not destroyed completely and hair begins to regrow. With a few more treatments, the procedure can usually be corrected to ensure that hair removal is permanent. That means no more razors or temporary hair removal solutions taking up your time and energy. No more embarrassing doctor’s visits where you forgot to shave your legs before getting examined.
  • Multiple treatment sessions: For laser hair removal to be effective, you have to go in for the treatment several times. Sessions can last for a few minutes to an hour depending on where you are having hair removed. Usually, the sessions are spaced out to occur every eight or so weeks. Three to seven sessions are generally adequate for complete removal. In the meantime, you can safely shave. Just get ready to throw your razor away after a few more months.
  • A bit of discomfort: When you have your hair removal sessions, you will have a topical anesthetic applied to the area of removal. The anesthetic will numb that area so that you feel minimal pain during the procedure. You may experience some discomfort, but most people find that the sensations are tolerable.

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