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Fillers Huntington, NYYou may know about fillers and Botox by now, because they are everywhere! So many people are in love with the quick procedure times and the amazing results they get from fillers and Botox. No more lengthy, invasive procedures just to get the results you want. But, we bet you haven’t heard of what we can do now with these little miracle injections. Keep reading to learn more about how we can use the power of fillers to do more than ever before.

Stop Scarring

If someone has a cut on their face, a bit of Dysport or a similar filler can be injected around the area to reduce movement while the cut is healing. Confused? less tension in the healing area will lead to a less visible scar.

Fix Earlobes

Stretched out earlobes, either from from years of wearing statement earrings or from trends like ear-stretching (look up “ear gauges” if you’re curious) can lead to an unflattering look. Thankfully, fillers can help tighten them back up.

Soften Your Jaw

An enlarged jaw muscle can come from genetics or grinding your teeth subconsciously. Incorporate some Botox into the masseter muscle to relax that clench and slim down your face.

Smooth and Lift

A little bit of filler injected into the hollows around the temples can help lift sagging cheeks by anchoring the face higher up. Who knew?!

Skip the Nose Job

Filler can be used to balance out one side or the other of the nose, saving you from a pricey nose job. Fillers are also a great way to try out a nose job before splurging on a procedure.

Recovery Time

Immediately after your Botox appointment, you could experience slight swelling or bruising, which is completely normal for a few days. Understand that it will take a few days to see your results, and that it may take up to five days to see the best results from your Botox. If you have a party or event you’re preparing for, plan ahead so you can look fabulous right on time.

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