Why Now is the Best Time for Liposuction

Breast Augmentation Long Island NYDid you know that winter is one of the most popular times for more dramatic surgeries and treatments? We’re busy helping everyone get ready for swimsuit season while you may be lounging on the couch with a nice cup of cocoa. Or, maybe, you’re doing your research and getting ready to give us a call. It may be the time of lounging, but people are coming in for their breast augmentation, liposuction, and abdominoplasty in the dead of winter just the same.

Keep reading to learn why this time of year is ideal for certain treatments to help you feel more beautiful!

Recovery Time

Maybe it’s because many people have more downtime in their schedules this time of year. Whether you work in an office that closes down for chunks of time around the holidays, or you just find yourself with less to do, many offices slow down around the winter time. Maybe it’s the fact that so many of us are still going on vacations and visiting family this time of year. Regardless, this can mean extra downtime or vacation time that you won’t need to borrow.

You probably are also going to spend more time inside this time of year, which will support your ability to heal. You’re able to be more relaxed since you’re in the comfort of your own home.

Cozy Clothes

More invasive treatments are popular this time of year probably because of the weather itself. It’s cold, and we’re all bundled up in warm layers until the spring thaw hits. If you’re concerned about showing the wraps you’ll wear after surgery, then the warm, oversized clothes that come with this time of year will be perfect to hide them.


With many of the more invasive treatments, there’s a lag between your appointment and your final results. This is likely why winter is an ideal time to get your liposuction done. You’re able to rest and relax while your results develop. When spring hits and warmer weather is here, you’ll be ready for it.

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