Winter Best Time for Breast Lift and Other Procedures, Says Huffington Post Contributor

Plastic surgery patients often want to know the best time of year for cosmetic surgery.  While everyone is different, The Huffington Post is reporting on a few reasons why winter just may be the best time of year for procedures such as breast lifts, blepharoplasty and facelifts.  The article, which was written by a board-certified plastic surgeon, explains that “Universally, [winter] is an ideal time to undergo just about any type of cosmetic surgery, from facelift to liposuction.”

The article attributes this to how bulkier winter clothing can conceal post-surgery swelling and bruising.  Also, winter is often a time of year where businesses slow down and people can take off from work more easily.  This provides patients with ample time to rest and recover following their procedure.  Wondering about the other seasons? The Huffington Post describes summer as a good time for less-invasive work like body contouring and Botox.

Exploring Plastic Surgery this Season

With winter an ideal time for more extensive cosmetic procedures, here is a bit of information on some procedures you may be considering this season.

“Wintertime” Cosmetic Procedures:

  • Facelift: As we age, the face naturally sags, droops and loses muscle tone.  Thankfully, Facelift Surgery works to combat these issues.  By tightening the underlying muscles and redraping the skin around the neck and face, we can help you achieve a fresher, more youthful appearance.  It has even been suggested that a facelift can take as many as 10-15 years off your appearance.
  • Eyelid surgery: An Eyelid Lift—also known as blepharoplasty—works to combat eyelid sagging and drooping.  For this procedure, we remove excess fat, skin and muscle from the upper and lower eyelids.  Patients often find that this procedure makes them appear younger and more attractive.
  • Breast lift: Winter is the ideal time to explore your breast surgery options.  When breasts have sagged or lost firmness, a breast lift is often the solution.  During the procedure, excess skin is removed and supporting tissues of the breast are tightened.  We also specialize in a technique called the Lollipop Breast Lift, which borrows its name from the shape of the incision.  This procedure can combat severe droop and often results in less scarring.

Make This the Winter of Cosmetic Treatment

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