Allure Magazine Demystifies Botox

Botox Huntington NYBy now, almost everyone has heard of Botox.  With millions of procedures performed every year, Botox continues to be the number one cosmetic treatment in the US.  And, although we’ve all heard of it, many patients still have questions.  Allure magazine looks at these common questions in an article entitled, “Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know About Botox (But Were Afraid to Ask).”

Before we look at these FAQs, though, here is a brief explanation of how Botox works.  Botox, part of the Botulinum Toxin Type A category of injectables, is essentially a muscle relaxer.  It works to prevent creases from forming in the skin, achieving a fresher more youthful appearance.  Botox is often an ideal solution for creases that form intermittently, such as “frown lines.”  It’s truly a small procedure with big results!

Top Questions About Botox

This Allure article lists the top questions patients like you are asking!  Here are a few of those questions from the article, along with our thoughts on the matter:

  • “Will Botox make me feel numb or look frozen?” Despite what you may have seen on TV, when administered correctly, Botox can achieve a youthful and natural look.  And, since Botox should not affect the nerves that cause sensation, patients concerned about facial numbness don’t have to worry as much.
  • “Does Botox hurt?” This is always the number-one question.  Botox is an injection, and as with any injection, it can be a little uncomfortable.  Many patients are surprised, however, at how little discomfort they feel during their procedure.  We can also provide topical anesthetics to numb the skin prior to treatment.
  • “What is the ideal age to start using Botox?” To quote Allure, “You don’t need it before you have wrinkles to hide.”  Botox is a procedure intended  to rejuvenate your appearance and make you look more youthful; many patients need Botox before their late 30s or 40s.

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