Spring Procedures: Patients “Freshening Up” for Warmer Weather

With this past Tuesday marking the first day of the season, spring is now officially upon us.  While many associate the spring season with blooming flowers and budding trees, for many women, spring means something different altogether—it’s a time to freshen up with cosmetic treatment.  The next three months are all about new beginnings.  How about taking a moment to give yourself a fresh start?

So, why is spring such a popular time for cosmetic treatment?  The fact is, warmer weather and longer days draw us out of our houses, we’re interacting with others more and we’re wearing lighter clothing.  In short, this is the time of year the whole world can see us.  So, in order to get ready for the sun and surf, here are a few minimally-invasive treatments that countless women are turning to this time of year.

Springtime Cosmetic Procedures

Spring is in the air—take care of yourself this season!  Here are our top minimally-invasive springtime cosmetic procedures:

  • Botox: The most popular “quick fix” cosmetic procedure, hands down, is Botox.  For many patients, it’s the ideal way to prevent facial creases, freshen up and put their best face forward.  A Botox Injection is essentially a muscle relaxer that works to prevent intermittent creases from forming on the face.  While this isn’t a permanent solution, results can often last several months.
  • Microdermabrasion: During a Microderm procedure, a gentle stream of fine particles exfoliates the outer layer of skin and provides a fresh, glowing, younger appearance.  As one of the most versatile treatments around, microdermabrasion can improve mild to moderate sun damage, scarring, wrinkles and other superficial skin problems.
  • Restylane: Restylane Injections are one of the best ways to smooth wrinkles, sculpt lips and shape facial contours.  Restylane is part of a category called dermal fillers, injections that fill in the valleys of creases.  The most common treatment areas are between the eyebrows as well as the nasolabial folds.

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