Artificial Tanning Can Harm More Than Just Your Health

Tanning Long IslandWith beach weather approaching, more and more people will be flocking to tanning salons, despite the clear and present risks to their health.  What sort of risks?  According to the National Cancer Institute, “Long-term exposure to artificial sources of ultraviolet rays like tanning beds (or to the sun’s natural rays) increases both men and women’s risk of developing skin cancer.”  But, if the risk of skin cancer isn’t enough to stop you from going tanning, understand that artificial tanning can harm more than just your health.  It could also affect your appearance.

Here are a few ways that tanning can age you prematurely:

Age Spots: Age spots can speak volumes.  Unfortunately, they’re often saying the wrong thing.  Although often not a medical concern, these brown spots are certainly unattractive.

There’s nothing that says premature aging quite like facial wrinkles.  Tanning works because it exposes the skin to ultraviolet (UV) radiation.  The same UV rays that cause the skin to tan also damage the skin’s elastin and collagen.  These are the proteins that keep the skin “springy” and elastic.  So, what does that mean for you?  Facial wrinkles!

Freckles: While freckles do have a genetic component, overexposure to the sun can also be a contributing factor.   These trouble spots are essentially small clusters of skin pigment called melanin.  The most common places for freckles to pop up include the face, chest and back.

Correcting the Effects of the Sun

When it comes to sun damage, addressing any medical concerns should be your number-one priority.  For instance, if you find any new, changed or otherwise suspicious growths or rashes, consult your physician right away. But, if you’re dealing with a cosmetic issue, understand that there are many treatments available.

Wrinkle treatments range from the minimally-invasive to the surgical.  The most common treatment, hands down, would be BOTOX® or a soft tissue filler.  BOTOX, which is essentially a muscle relaxer, works to prevent wrinkles, particularly intermittent creases like “frown lines.” Fillers like JUVÉDERM®, on the other hand, literally “fill in” the valleys of creases.

When it comes to skin discoloration, many patients choose Microdermabrasion.  Microdermabrasion – or “microderm” – uses a stream of fine particles to exfoliate and remove the damaged outer layers of the skin.  This “buffing” action can freshen and rejuvenate the face and other parts of the body.

Which Cosmetic Procedure is Right for Me?

To find out more about these procedures and what cosmetic treatment can do for you, contact us and schedule a consultation.  Our plastic surgery offices are located in Huntington Station, and you can reach us at (631) 424-6707.  Call today!

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