You Lost the Weight. Now What? | Cosmetic Procedures After Weight Loss

More than ever, patients are losing weight and trying to live a healthier lifestyle. And, while healthy weight loss can often change the body in ways we like, it can also leave us with some unanticipated cosmetic problems, as well. Although patients may enjoy their trimmer, slimmer waistline, many find that they’re now dealing with issues like hanging skin on the arms and midsection, sagging breasts and exercise-resistant fat. Thankfully, modern plastic surgery offers a few solutions.

Here are a few of the top cosmetic procedures patients choose after weight loss:

  • Body Lift Surgery: Body Lift Surgery is a common procedure among patients who have lost a substantial amount of weight. This surgery aims to remove excess skin from the upper legs and torso. During the procedure, skin is lifted, fat is removed where necessary and muscles are tightened. For many, this procedure can literally mean the difference between the body they have and the body they have always wanted.
  • Breast Lift Surgery: Following weight loss – and oftentimes, pregnancy – the breast can droop and sag. Breast Lift Surgery works to correct this. By removing excess skin and tightening supporting tissues, we can often achieve an uplifted, youthful bustline. Moreover, this is also a common Mommy Makeover procedure.
  • Liposuction: For that extra little boost, many weight loss patients will turn to Liposuction to deal with their remaining, exercise-resistant fat. While liposuction should not be used for weight loss, many patients find that it helps get them past the cosmetic finish line. During the procedure, we use a special suction tool to permanently remove fat from the thighs, hips, midsection and other sites.

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