Breast Augmentation Ratio Universal Appeal, New Study Suggests

The American Society of Plastic Surgery released a summary and video of a new study that was conducted to determine a universal ideal breast augmentation result. The results weighed heavy in favor of an aspect ratio of 45:55, meaning that the slope or “pole” of the chest was at a 45 degree angle met with a 55 degree angle of fullness from the bottom of the breast to the nipple placement. Overall, participants in the study agreed that the most natural-appearing breasts were the favored or “ideal” breasts. In the “ideal” breasts that were overwhelmingly favored, the nipple placement was slightly above the middle of the breast and projected forward. Here are a few facts from the study:

  • Total number of participants was 1,315, participants were of different ethnic/racial backgrounds, male, female and a variety of ages
  • Among participants were 53 plastic surgeons
  • Participants were shown 4 images of augmented breasts that had been adjusted using different aspect ratios through the popular program, Photoshop
  • The ratios of the breast augmentation images shown were 35:65, 45:55, 50:50 and 55:45
  • 87% of female participants in their 30s favored the 45:55 ratio, which was the over all preferred ratio
  • 90% of male participants favored the 45:55 ratio
  • 94% of plastic surgeons favored the 45:55 ratio
  • Female participants over age 40 preferred the 45:55 ratio at a lesser rate, 76%. Researchers equated this to older participants favoring breasts with more fullness above the nipple as a reflection of the way they may feel about their own aging breasts
  • The 45:55 ratio is considered the most natural looking breast augmentation results among plastic surgeons and study participants who are not medical professionals
  • Study debunks popular culture assumption that men (and women) prefer full, round, “fake” looking breast implants
  • Study results may serve as a positive guideline for breast augmentation results for both plastic surgeons and patients
  • Researchers hope that the 45:55 ratio, and its sweeping popularity among study participants will be implemented in not just breast augmentation, but in breast lifts, breast reduction, and breast reconstruction as well

Not all patients interested in undergoing breast augmentation want a natural-looking result. Some patients want rounder, fuller, or what some consider “fake” looking breasts. Breast augmentation is a very personal decision. Individuals interested in breast augmentation surgery should contact a board-certified plastic surgeon and communicate their desired results. A board-certified plastic surgeon will be best served to explain to patients what aesthetic goals can and cannot be achieved on an individual basis.

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