Breast Reduction Surgery for Men with Gynecomastia

An endocrine disorder, gynecomastia results in enlarged breast tissue in men. In adolescents, the problem often occurs due to the hormonal changes associated with puberty. Gynecomastia also affects older males, as a natural consequence of aging and a reduction in the testosterone levels in the body. Sometimes, certain medications may also lead to the problem as can certain diseases like kidney failure and some cancers. Men affected by gynecomastia can lose confidence and may become very self-conscious to the point that it starts affecting their lives. For those men who feel uncomfortable with their breast size, there is an option to undergo a breast reduction surgery, as long as your general health permits.

Male Breast Reduction: Procedure, Recovery, and Complications

  • The procedure: This procedure can take anywhere from one to three hours to perform. During the surgery, you will be under the effects of general anesthesia. Depending on your case, an approach will be decided. If the problem is just excessive fat, then liposuction will be performed. Incisions will be made near your underarms or areolas and fat will be suctioned out. In cases where there is excessive glandular tissue, the tissue may be cut out, though liposuction may still be needed. Excess skin, if any, will be removed to give better shape. The skin will then be stitched back together and covered by a dressing. Your chest may also be wrapped to keep your skin in its place.
  • Recovery and complications: Infections or injury to skin, scarring, fluid accumulation, loss of sensation, mismatched breasts, or discoloration. It is quite natural for some swelling and bruising to be present after the procedure. If needed, medicines will be prescribed. You will need to use elastic clothing continuously for a couple of weeks and then at night for several weeks. You may resume your routine in a week though strenuous activities are to be avoided for at least four weeks.

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