Implant Types for Breast Augmentation

Augmentation mammaplasty, also called breast augmentation surgery, is a surgical procedure performed to increase the size of your breasts. It works to provide the breasts with a fuller appearance and appealing contour through the use of implants.

Different Implant Types

There are two types of implant materials that can be used for this procedure. Both implants have their advantages and disadvantages. Whichever implant is used, they will be placed inside a silicone shell. The type of implant used will be decided by you and your doctor.

  • Saline implants: The one big advantage of saline implants is that if the implant shell is ruptured, the saline dissolves in your body. The disadvantage is that they do not appear very natural, especially in patients who have thin bodies and very little breast tissue or patients who have had breast injuries or require breast reconstruction.
  • Silicone implants: This is the more popular choice. These have a more natural feel when compared to saline implants, and are also softer.

In addition to the material, breast implants can have various shapes. Round implants and teardrop implants are the two basic shapes available. The correct shape used will depend on your structure.

  • Teardrop breast implants: These also go by the name of contour breast implants. As the name suggests, these implants are in the shape of teardrops. The upper portion of your breast will not be very full but you will get a gently sloping contour. There is the possibility that the implant may rotate so a textured surface may be needed to prevent this.
  • Round breast implants: Round breast implants provide more cleavage, fullness and lift, but may also sometimes look artificial. For this reason, some women will prefer teardrop implants.

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