Business Insider on “The Perils Of Budget Plastic Surgery”

There are plenty of opportunities where it’s okay to look for a bargain—the grocery store, clothes shopping, etc.  One situation where you shouldn’t look to cut corners, however, is when undergoing plastic surgery.  Online news site, Business Insider, is reporting on the ways budget plastic surgery may do more harm than good.

“So what exactly does it take for an ER doc to expand his business to include liposuction? Or for a gynecologist to offer breast augmentation to patients?” asks Business Insider.  “If you guessed years of classes, training, and certifications, you’d be wrong. Despite the complexities and complications associated with these procedures, it is shockingly easy to break into the field.”  While untrained doctors may be offering discounted or lower rates than qualified plastic surgeons, would you really want to put your life in their hands?

“Untrained doctors are only part of the problem,” reports Business Insider.  “It has become common practice in our society to treat cosmetic surgery in a dangerously casual manner.”  Sadly, this last bit is becoming increasingly more true.  Plastic surgery is real surgery, and should be treated as such.  Like any surgery, your health is at stake.  Be your own advocate—ensure qualified care!

Choosing a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

One of your best lines of defense against untrained doctors is checking their credentials.  It’s your right to know!  Make sure the doctor you’re dealing with is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.  Also, ask to see Before and After Photos.  It’s a great way to get a sense of their previous work.

Another important consideration is where you’ll be having treatment.  Make sure you’re choosing a state-of-the-art Plastic Surgery Facility.  Remember, when a doctor seems too good to be true, they often are!

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