Debunking 5 Myths About BOTOX® & Fillers

Injectables now represent the number-one category in the world of cosmetic medicine.  The subject of countless magazine articles and news specials, we wondered, “Do potential patients know what BOTOX and fillers are really all about?”   Because we know that informed patients make the best patients, we thought we would gather together a few of the most common myths and misunderstandings among patients today.  Want to set the record straight?

Here are 5 Myths About BOTOX® & Fillers:

  1. BOTOX and fillers are interchangeable. While these are all injectable wrinkle treatments, BOTOX and fillers are distinct in how they work.  Fillers – as the name suggests – work to fill in the spaces or “valleys” of deep creases.  BOTOX, which is a highly purified protein, reduces the appearance of lines by relaxing muscles.
  2. Fillers and BOTOX are permanent. Unfortunately, the effects of these injectables will not last forever.  But, while every patient is unique and will have different results, the results of these treatments can last up to several months.
  3. BOTOX is the only Botulinum Toxin Type A treatment. Believe it or not, there is another Botulinum injection on the market: Dysport®.  Like BOTOX, Dysport is essentially a muscle relaxer that works to diminish the appearance of lines around the eyes forehead and more.
  4. Fillers are only used for wrinkles. Fillers are actually some of the most diverse cosmetic treatments around.  Beyond their powerful ability to fight wrinkles, fillers can be used to plump the lips, sculpt the cheeks and restore a more youthful face shape.
  5. BOTOX makes your face look frozen. This depends highly on the skill level of your provider as well as the patient’s cosmetic goals.  That being said, understand that if applied correctly and moderately, BOTOX can achieve a look that is both rejuvenated and natural.  We can achieve great results without compromising your ability to show emotion on your face.

BOTOX on Long Island

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