Opening Up About Male Breast Reduction

It’s a problem that affects nearly half of all men and yet, it’s one of the most rarely-discussed conditions around.  What are we talking about here?  Gynecomastia.  While the term may sound complicated, the concept behind it is not.  Simply put, gynecomastia is characterized by localized fat and/or glandular tissue in the breasts – essentially, the overdevelopment of male breasts.  While the exact causes aren’t always cut and dry, many have attributed the condition to various drugs or medical conditions.  No matter the cause, gynecomastia can be a huge problem for men, often with psychological roots.  Those suffering from the condition will often experience low self-esteem and embarrassment.

Thankfully, however, plastic surgery offers a solution.  Male breast reduction often involves a combination of liposuction and the removal of glandular tissue.  Liposuction – which permanently removes unwanted fat – entails the use of a special suction tool and several tiny incisions.  While liposuction may be enough for some, patients may also be suffering from the presence of glandular tissue.  In these cases, the tissue will be cut out or “excised” in addition to liposuction.  In extreme cases of overdeveloped male breasts, some skin may also have to be removed.  And, while a simple procedure at its core, male breast reduction is often no less than life-changing.

Male Breast Reduction on the Rise

So just how many men are choosing to do something about their gynecomastia?  A lot!  Each year, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons releases data on the top plastic surgery procedures performed in the US.  Want to know how many male breast reductions took place last year?

According to the ASPS, there were 19,766 male breast reduction procedures performed in 2011 alone – and the procedure is on the rise!  Compared with the figures from 2010, the 2011 number represents a remarkable 8% growth in one year alone.  That’s a lot of men taking the initiative and doing something about this all-too-common condition!  Are you ready to find out what plastic surgery can do for you?

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