Does Breast Augmentation Affect Breastfeeding?

Breast augmentation is the most popular cosmetic surgical procedure in the country, with more than 290,000 surgeries performed in 2013 alone. Despite this fact, or maybe because of it, many myths and misconceptions exist in regards to breast augmentation. One of the most common and widely believed myths is that women who undergo breast augmentation are not able to breastfeed.

The truth is, many women successfully breastfeed their children following breast augmentation. However, no surgeon can guarantee that every woman is able to breastfeed with implants, as each surgery comes with its own set of risks and possible complications. To strive for the best possible outcome, Dr. Rhee will take the time to address your individual concerns and goals during the consultation process.

The incision and placement techniques of the implant can also have an impact on breast capabilities when it comes to milk production and nursing. The less pressure an implant puts on a woman’s mammary glands, the better chance that woman has at successfully producing milk. Therefore women have the best chance at breastfeeding when the implant is placed under the muscle of the chest wall. Experts note that nipple incisions should be avoided if breastfeeding is a priority for the patient.

Another concern rooted in myth surrounding breast augmentation is the possibility of breast milk being tainted by a silicone implant as it passes through the mother’s breast. There is no evidence to suggest that this occurs, or that drinking breast milk from a mother with implants has any detrimental effect on an infant. Additionally, there are no advantages to choosing a saline implant over a silicone implant in terms of breastfeeding outcomes. The majority of women with either implant are able to successfully produce milk and nurse children.

As with any medical concern, it is best to speak candidly with your doctor. A qualified, experienced surgeon will speak to you in depth about the procedure and formulate a plan that aligns with your needs and desires.

Breast Augmentation on Long Island

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