What Are Breast Implants Made Of?

Before undergoing breast augmentation surgery, many patients have questions about the implants themselves. What type of implants to get, what breast implants are made of, and more are all common questions that patients want answers to. The exact answers differ from patient to patient, but here is a look at the options available when considering breast augmentation surgery.

What are breast implants made of?

Breast implants are made of a silicone shell that is either filled with saline or silicone-gel. Both types of breast implants are FDA-approved and considered safe. Silicone implants can be filled with different amounts of sterile saline solution to create a desired appearance, and often provide for a rounder and less natural look. In the rare likelihood that this type of implant were to rupture, the saline would be safely reabsorbed by the body naturally.

Silicone-gel implants are a thick or viscous texture, and they may be teardrop-shaped or round. Silicone-gel implants come in a variety of sizes, and are either smooth or textured. This type of implant is often favored over saline implants because they tend to look and feel more natural and feminine.

What type of breast implants are the best?

This varies from patient to patient. For patients with thinner, attenuated frames, saline implants may not be the best fit. Those with a more athletic build tend to benefit aesthetically from silicone-gel implants.

How big should my breast implants be?

The goal of breast augmentation surgery is to create a more pleasing proportion between the breasts and the patient’s entire body. Choosing an implant size too large may look unnatural and off balance. Implants that are too large may also cause patients to suffer from back and neck pain, or thinning of the skin around the implant. The correct size implant is something that will be discussed between the patient and the plastic surgeon during a consultation setting.

Breast Augmentation on Long Island

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