Fact or Fiction About Botox and Other Injectables

There are a number of myths about injectables that people incorrectly believe. While some of the myths may be true if you choose to have Botox at a medical practice that is not reputable, they are not true across the board.

Myths About Botox

  1. You will lose the feeling in your face – this is a myth because Botox is only injected into the muscles of your face and does not effect the nerves at all.
  2. The filler will migrate – Botox can be injected into the wrong muscle and impact other parts of the face. But, it cannot migrate on its own.
  3. Your face may freeze in an expression – Botox causes muscles to relax rather than contract. It is physically impossible for Botox to result in a ‘stuck’ expression.

Have Botox Done Right

If you would like to have Botox or another injectable filler applied, contact us. We offer quality injectable services.

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