Healthy Weight Essential in Post-Natal Plastic Surgery Patients

While it may be tempting to go under the knife soon after giving birth to improve your appearance, there are some risks if you are overweight. Doctors have always taken precautions when determining the appropriate course of treatment for those carrying some extra pounds. However, new research from the Johns Hopkins University shows just how severe the risks of performing surgery on an obese patient can be.

Risks of Performing Plastic Surgery on Obese Patients

According to the new research, the risks when performing surgery on an obese patient are 12 times greater than when procedures are performed on a person of a healthy weight. These risks may be considered worthwhile when a surgical procedure is necessary for the sake of life or death. However, the risks are avoidable when it is an elective procedure being considered.

This increased risk is due to deeper operating areas, longer operating times, and a difference in overall health. This particular study also found that there were greater risks of complications with breast surgeries in particular. Obese individuals were more at risk for deformities and infections following surgery.

Are You a Candidate?

There are women that are at an unhealthy weight following pregnancy. This weight gain may or may not have a bearing upon your candidacy for plastic surgery. Contact us if you would like to learn more.

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