Jessica Simpson to Cash In On Her Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss

Following in the footsteps of Mariah Carey and others, Jessica Simpson is currently negotiating a lucrative deal to be the next spokesperson for Weight Watchers. Like Carey, Simpson’s goal with the program will be not simply to lose the weight she has put on in past years, but specifically to regain her figure after gaining pounds during her pregnancy.

How Realistic Are Our Expectations for Pregnancy?

This recent news about Simpson and others speaks to a significant issue in our society with regards to the ways that we view weight gain during pregnancy. There is a great deal of pressure for many women to remain svelte even as their baby bumps grow. Doctors note that gaining weight during pregnancy and even maintaining some of this weight for awhile afterwards is not only normal, but is in fact necessary and beneficial for the baby’s nourishment. On the other hand, many women struggle to re-establish their figures and self esteem post-pregnancy, and may consider options such as weight-loss programs and plastic surgery.

What Are Your Options?

For many women, finally losing weight after pregnancy can be difficult, and plastic surgery can be a viable option. Of course, it is important to be sure that these procedures are carried out safely and at the right time. If you are considering plastic surgery for weight loss, contact us for a consultation and learn more about your options.

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