Laser treatments for scar reduction and removal

Scar RemovalDid you know that with the help of a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon such as Dr. Charlotte Ann Rhee of Huntington Station, NY, you can reduce the appearance of scarring on the skin? In thirty minutes or less, patients can undergo a laser procedure to reduce or remove scarring. This includes surgical scars, trauma scars, and acne scars. At the practice of Dr. Charlotte Ann Rhee, patients can now address these concerns with laser therapies. 

How does laser therapy work? 

Laser therapy treatments with Dr. Charlotte Ann Rhee focus on providing fractional laser light to the skin. This pulsed light will administer laser energy deep into the skin. It wears down the scar tissue while also stimulating the skin’s natural production of collagen and elastin. This allows for new tissue growth, ensuring a reduce visibility to the scar on the skin. Many patients will see results with a single treatment, while others who have larger or more prominent scars may need several treatment sessions to achieve their desired results. During a consultation appointment with Dr. Charlotte Ann Rhee, patients can ask about what they can expect from one or several treatment sessions at the office. 

Is laser therapy uncomfortable? 

The laser light energy that penetrates into the skin often has a feeling of warmth, and can sometimes result in a snapping sensation on the skin while being administered. However, this is often well-tolerated by our patients, especially when we apply a numbing topical cream to the skin as an anesthetic. Patients will also love that they have very little downtime following this procedure, ensuring it is both fast and convenient for those with busy, active lifestyles! 

Discover how scar reduction and removal can help you look your best 

Today’s technology makes it possible for men and women to treat unwanted scarring that can impact their appearance. If you live in Huntington Station, NY and are ready to talk to a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon regarding laser scar reduction and removal, call (631) 424-6707 to schedule a consultation and initial evaluation. The office, conveniently located at 257 East Jericho Turnpike, is open for new and current patients.   

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