When to consider an arm lift

img 0760 4 1The natural process of aging can cause relaxed, sagging skin on both the face and the body. This is especially true in the upper arm area, where loose skin can cause the development of what is referred to as “bat wings.” If you lift up your arms and wave, do you experience swinging skin underneath? If so, you could benefit from the brachioplasty procedure, or “arm lift.” 

What is the goal of brachioplasty? 

The arm lift procedure is used to improve the upper arm’s appearance by removing excess fat and/or skin. This can be done with liposuction and manual removal of skin in the area. Liposuction leaves very small scars, while the removal of skin will result in scarring that extends from the elbow to the arm pit. However, the final results are dramatic, and allow many patients to feel comfortable and confident when wearing more revealing clothing. 

What can I expect after the arm lift? 

Patients will want to take sufficient time off of work and school after having this procedure done to facilitate healing and reduce the risk of complications, including infection. Patients will book an appointment approximately one week past their surgical date which allows our doctor to evaluate the results and determine if further services are required. 

Why choose Dr. Charlotte Ann Rhee for your arm lift procedure? 

Huntington Station, NY area patients who are considering the arm lift procedure will want to reach out with a quality professional to ensure the safety and effectiveness of their surgery. Dr. Charlotte Ann Rhee is a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon who has the experience and skill to provide a variety of surgical treatments for men and women. Her practice is equipped with the latest technologies, and she has been trained in unique modalities and methodologies to improve the body with natural-looking alterations. 

Learn more about the arm lift in Huntington Station, NY area practice 

Dr. Charlotte Ann Rhee sees many patients over the years who are interested in procedures to improve their body contours and personal self-esteem. If you are ready to discuss the arm lift procedure with our board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon, we welcome you to call (631) 424-6707 for an appointment. We are dedicated to offering a wide range of facial and body treatments that can enhance your appearance and improve self-confidence.

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