Maintaining Your Figure While You Are Pregnant

There are many procedures to help you get your figure back after you have had a baby, but it is also beneficial for you to do what you can to maintain it while pregnant. This is not simply about maintaining your physical appearance. Remaining healthy through pregnancy can benefit you and your baby, and it also makes you a better candidate for plastic surgery.

Staying Healthy While Pregnant

  • According to the US Office on Women’s Health, about 2.5 hours of exercise per week is necessary for pregnant women
  • Women can continue with many of their regular fitness activities, including strength training and running. However, it is not recommended that women start these activities for the first time while pregnant
  • Women can exert themselves provided they listen to their bodies and don’t overdo it
  • It is easier to recover from labor and lose weight following childbirth when women remain active
  • Women may be tempted to limit their calories in order to remain healthy, but it’s necessary for women to actually consume 300 more calories than is necessary for their pre-baby weight

Regaining Your Figure After Pregnancy

If you have kept the above tips in mind and implemented them during your pregnancy, you may be a candidate for a mommy makeover after you give birth. Give us a call to discuss how we can help you take the next step to getting your body back.

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