Risks of Getting Botox at a Spa

Today, Botox and other cosmetic injectables are becoming so commonly available that they are being offered at spas. Some of these spas are classified as ‘medical’ but many of them are standard. There are a number of reasons why it is risky to get Botox (or another injectable) at a spa rather than a plastic surgeon’s office.

Why You Should Get Botox at the Plastic Surgeon’s Office, Not the Spa

The spa may offer greater convenience for some individuals, but there are risks involved that you will not face at the plastic surgeon’s office:

  • The individual administering the Botox may not be certified to do so – Botox must be administered by a medical professional. This means a Registered Nurse, Physician’s Assistant or Medical Doctor. At a plastic surgeon’s office, you are surrounded by medical professionals.
  • They may not be conscientious about your overall health – a doctor will take down your health history in detail before completing any procedure, including Botox. At a spa, the focus may not be placed as heavily upon your health and it may be that you have Botox administered when it is not safe for you to do so.
  • The individual administering the Botox may not know how to get the best results – a plastic surgeon can evaluate an individual’s facial features, learn about the results you desire and determine the correct dosage and placement of the injections.

Botox Administered by a Plastic Surgeon

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